Upcoming Events

Date Name County Host Team Schedule Release Class
08.02.2020 North Yorkshire Events Centre, Scorton North Yorkshire Commandos 17.12.2019 Limited Open
09.02.2020 Lockmeadow, Maidstone Kent Shooting Stars 17.12.2019 Limited Open
09.02.2020 JUDGES SEMINAR/RING PARTY TRAINING DAY - Stockton-on-Tees County Durham The BFA Committee 09.02.2020 Judges Seminar
16.02.2020 Thistle Industrial Estate, Cowdenbeath Fife Lomond Raiders 07.01.2020 Limited Open
29.02.2020 JUDGES SEMINAR - NUNEATON DOG CLUB Warwickshire The BFA Committee 29.02.2020 Judges Seminar
01.03.2020 JUDGES SEMINAR - PADWORTH VILLAGE HALL Berkshire The BFA Committee 01.03.2020 Judges Seminar
15.03.2020 Thistle Industrial Estate, Cowdenbeath Fife Carnegie Canines 28.01.2020 Limited Open