Upcoming Events

Date Name County Host Team Schedule Release Class
06.06.2020 Bradley Mills CBC West Yorkshire The Doghouse 21.04.2020 Limited Open
06.06.2020 Milton of Crathes, Banchory Aberdeenshire Scratch Squad 21.04.2020 Limited Open
07.06.2020 Ross Peers Sports Centre, Soham Cambridgeshire Funky Fidos Flyballers 21.04.2020 Limited Open
13.06.2020 Drax Sports & Social Club North Yorkshire Focus 28.04.2020 Limited Open
13.06.2020 West Woodlands Showground, Frome Somerset Somerset Scrumpys 28.04.2020 Limited Open
13.06.2020 Barleylands, Billericay CANCELLED Essex Wickford Waggin'tails 28.04.2020 Limited Open
20.06.2020 SUMMER TOOTFEST. Hillside Rural Activities Park, Thirsk North Yorkshire Commandos 05.05.2020 Limited Open