Administration Forms
Name Updated date Form Link File
Adding a New Dog to Your Membership 21.07.2021
PDF icon Adding a dog to your Membership.pdf336.6 KB
BFA Rules as per 1st June 24 08.06.2024
PDF icon BFA _Rules_as_at_June_2024 Final.pdf663.49 KB
BFA Rules Summary of Changes 1st June 24 29.05.2024
Collision Reporting Form 26.03.2023
PDF icon Collision Reporting Form.pdf53.13 KB
Disabled Camping or Parking Request Form 24.06.2024

Open Form

Flyball Foundations - Pre-Registration 01.07.2024

Open Form

Flyball Foundations - Return To Open 01.07.2024

Open Form

Height Card List as at 14th July 24 15.07.2024
Judges and Measuring Offical Application Form 17.01.2022
New Membership Application Form 31.05.2020
PDF icon New Members Application Form.pdf339.99 KB
Online Incident Report Form (Replaces C12) 03.07.2024

Open Form

Record Time Form (C4) 31.05.2020
File C4_record_2020.docx221.41 KB
Ring Party Training Document 17.08.2022
PDF icon BFA Ring Party Training Aug 22.pdf639.9 KB
Team Application Form 15.04.2021
Team Captains Handbook 09.07.2024
PDF icon Captains_Handbook_revised_V5.pdf198.82 KB
Tournament Application Form (C3) 29.04.2023
PDF icon Tournament Application Form(C3).pdf118.07 KB
Tournament Jump Height (C9) 28.06.2023
PDF icon C9-Form-Jump-Heights-V10-1.pdf43.71 KB
Tournament Results (C6) 06.06.2023
Young Members Award Scheme 17.06.2023
zReference Document: Disability & Flyball - A Briefing for Judges and Club Captains 21.02.2020
zReference Document: Social Media Policy 21.02.2020
PDF icon BFA Social Media Policy.pdf390.86 KB
zReference Document: Tournament Organisers Guide to Dealing with Disability Issues 21.02.2020
Master Sheets
Name Updated date Form Link File
Singles and pairs results 22.05.2024
File Singles _ Pairs 2024.xlsx185.85 KB
Young Members Award Scheme - Points and Awards Gained 06.09.2022
Racing Forms
Name Updated date Form Link File
C2 & Racing Paperwork 12.11.2021
C2 Info Stickers 02.08.2020

Please find attached a template that can be used to produce pre-printed stickers for the Team, Captain, Dogs and Handler information required on a C2 timesheet.

This should provide a means to ease the submission of paperwork on the morning of racing at a competition.

Please note - be very careful when entering the initial information into the data tabs to produce the stickers; exceptions will  not be made for mistakes on submitted C2s, just because they're on printed stickers. 

File C2 Sticker Generator - 2020.xlsx48.14 KB
C2 Racing paperwork - Singles 25.05.2022
File Singles paperwork.xlsx11.02 KB
C2 Racing Paperwork Foundation Flyball 10.05.2022
C2 Racing Paperwork Pairs 25.05.2022
File Pairs paperwork.xlsx11.22 KB