Upcoming Events

Date Name County Host Team Schedule Release Class
03.05.2021 Cowgate Farm, Hawkinge Kent Shooting Stars 16.03.2021 Limited MultiBreed
03.05.2021 Drax Sports & Social Club North Yorkshire Focus 16.03.2021 Limited MultiBreed
08.05.2021 Sutton Farm Cheshire Live Wires 23.03.2021 Limited Open
08.05.2021 Hedsor Golf Club Buckinghamshire Lightning Strikes 23.03.2021 Limited Open
15.05.2021 Cheshire Polo Club Cheshire Cheshire Set 30.03.2021 Limited Open
15.05.2021 Ardingly - South of England Showground West Sussex Barkshire Bandits 30.03.2021 Limited Open
22.05.2021 Brookfield Farm Cheshire Only Fools and Pooches 06.04.2021 Limited Open