Upcoming Events

Date Name County Host Team Closing Date Class
22.04.2019 Whites Nurseries, Earls Barton Northamptonshire Molten Magnets 20.03.2019 Limited MultiBreed
22.04.2019 Driffield Showground East Riding of Yorkshire DogStar 20.03.2019 Limited MultiBreed
22.04.2019 Newark Showground Nottinghamshire Extreme Racers 20.03.2019 Limited MultiBreed
04.05.2019 Milton of Crathes, Banchory Aberdeenshire Banchory Bravehearts 05.04.2019 Limited Open
04.05.2019 Eggborough Sports & Social Club North Yorkshire Focus 04.04.2019 Limited Open
04.05.2019 Cowgate Farm, Hawkinge Kent Shooting Stars 06.04.2019 Limited Open
04.05.2019 Muswell Leys Farm Warwickshire Coventry Racers 04.04.2019 Limited Open