Upcoming Events

Date Name County Host Team Schedule Release Class
01.06.2024 Bradley Mills West Yorkshire The Doghouse 16.04.2024 Limited Open
08.06.2024 Abbots Ripton Village Hall Cambridgeshire Wash Warriors 23.04.2024 Limited Open
15.06.2024 Epworth Showground North Yorkshire Notts Supadogs 30.04.2024 Limited Open
22.06.2024 The Breighton Ferry North Yorkshire Free Wheelers 07.05.2024 Limited Open
22.06.2024 Westwoodlands Showground Somerset Bristol Ball-istics 07.05.2024 Limited Open
22.06.2024 North Park Cambridgeshire Funky Fidos Flyballers 07.05.2024 Limited Open
29.06.2024 Naseby Village Hall Northamptonshire Molten Magnets 14.05.2024 Limited Open