Upcoming Events

Date Name County Host Team Schedule Release Class
29.06.2024 Hillside Rural Activities Centre North Yorkshire Commandos 14.05.2024 Limited Open
29.06.2024 Naseby Village Hall Northamptonshire Molten Magnets 14.05.2024 Limited Open
06.07.2024 Bradley Mills West Yorkshire The Doghouse 21.05.2024 Limited Open
06.07.2024 Anstey Park Hampshire Kennet Zingers 21.05.2024 Open
13.07.2024 Bradley Mills West Yorkshire The Doghouse 28.05.2024 Limited Open
13.07.2024 Court Farm Wiltshire Bassett Allsorts 28.05.2024 Limited Open
13.07.2024 Hook Farm Essex Solar 28.05.2024 Limited Open