Upcoming Events

Date Name County Host Team Schedule Release Class
15.03.2024 BFA INDOOR EVENT - THREE COUNTIES SHOWGROUND Worcestershire The BFA Committee 30.01.2024 Limited Open
23.03.2024 North Yorkshire Events Centre North Yorkshire Commandos 06.02.2024 Limited Open
30.03.2024 Errol Airfield Perthshire Star Paws 13.02.2024 Limited Open
30.03.2024 Driffield Showground North Yorkshire Yorkshire Bouncers 13.02.2024 Limited Open
30.03.2024 Newark Showground Nottinghamshire Nuneaton Flyers 13.02.2024 Open
06.04.2024 CG and Belles Dog Park Perthshire Star Paws 20.02.2024 Limited Open
13.04.2024 Newbury Showground Berkshire Buccaneers 27.02.2024 Limited Open