BFA Officers and Committee Members

The British Flyball Association is an Unincorporated Association, in that it is an organisation set up by a group of individuals (members) who come together for a reason other than to make profit.  The BFA is not a business, it has no owners and it makes no profit.  It has no paid employees and all BFA officials are volunteers, some elected by the membership (the Committee), some appointed (by the Committee), but none receive any remuneration for their time which is provided free and in addition to their other personal or work commitments.  100% of income generated by the Association (membership fees, tournament fees, or other sources) is, without exception, put toward the necessary functioning of the Association.

The BFA is run by the membership, for the membership.  As such it relies entirely on goodwill to function.  It is therefore of fundamental importance to the existence of the Association that members are at all times polite and respectful to each other and are mutually supportive in all dealings relating to BFA activity.  The role of the Committee is to manage the Association’s resources and provide the necessary endeavour to ensure the continued functioning of the Association for the benefit of the membership.  The Committee are assisted in this by a team of other members who volunteer their time to undertake specific functions as a BFA Official to maintain the framework for flyball which the whole membership rely on to fully enjoy the sport of flyball in the UK.

By choosing to join the BFA you have become a member of the largest, most progressive, vibrant and inclusive (and fun!) flyball association in Europe; you will get an equal voice and equal vote in all matters relating to the BFA.  All we ask in return is that you use your membership responsibly and are polite and respectful in all your dealings with other BFA members and officials.

The following members are those that have volunteered their time to help run the Association on your behalf:

The BFA Committee





The BFA Chairperson

Nicky James 

I race with FourPaws Racing with my daughter Teresa and have recently taken over as Team Captain from my dad Terry Condra who started the club in 2006. I started flyballing in 2008 with my collie Ruby and currently own 5 lurchers. The flyball community is of huge importance to me, as the amazing people I have met through the sport helped me get through the loss of my husband Tony who also had a great passion for the sport.









The BFA Vice Chairperson



Karen  been doing flyball since 2009, firstly with Reilly, and then latterly with Paddy and Nova. They raced as part Delta Flyball Club, which Karen ran with her husband for around 10 years, it was never the same once our marriage ended in 2016, eventually they all went  separate ways in 2020.  Martha, Karen`s current flyball dog,  race with Barkshire Bandits.  Flyball is a massive part of her life, something she is passionate about and  delighted to be back on the committee, for however long that may be.  Somewhere in amongst the flyball, Karen shown Cardigan Corgi’s at Crufts.  She is a sufferer of Fibromyalgia as well as arthritis, it makes life hard but she refuse to let it stop her doing what she loves. Most people know she passionately hate public speaking, what many don’t know is it’s because Karen is Dyslexic, again although it has an impact it doesn’t stop her either at work or play.  She has had a successful career as an Administrator and now as a Data Analyst.

The BFA Treasurer

Martyn McInulty 

Martyn races with Northern-based team Finesse with his wife Louise and their young son, James. He has been doing flyball for over 15 years now, making lifelong memories and friends along the way. Martyn and Louise have 7 dogs, including Border Collies, lurchers and labradors. Martyn works full time as an accountant.













Magda Whiteley

Magda races with Yorkshire Bouncers who are based near Driffield in East Yorkshire. 
Magda is a keen Parson Russell Terrier owner and is passionate about promoting the breed. 
Flyball plays a big part in Magda's life providing a good outlet to show what height dogs in particular terriers can do, as well as terrier Magda is training her young Malinois called Quota.












Jeannette Shelley

Kelly Murdoch

I have been competing in flyball since 2010, where I started with Cambridgeshire canines with my little Jack Russel Mini. I am now the team captain of Relentless Flyball and mainly run home bred working Labradors and working Cocker spaniels alongside my amazing team mates and family. We love training and competing and meeting all the great people along the way is a bonus. I am part of the young members working party and with 7 young members running their own dogs in the club I feel this so important to promote and look after the future of our wonderful sport. This is a big part of why I came on to the committee so I could help to rebuild and move forward to a brighter BFA and an association that we can all be proud of.


Maureen Hendry

I have been doing Flyball since 2003, I started flyball with Yorkshire Bouncers and the legend Betty Potts. I am currently owned by 8 dogs a mixture of Spaniels, Border Collies and Border Whippet. I have won Div 48 at the British Champs as well as Division 1 in 2022 and several Divisions in between. All very emotional and very special. I also have a few European Trophies in my dog room to. Special memories attached to every one of them. I currently compete with FOCUS. This is my second time on the Committee, I was honored and touched to be invited to be co-opted on to the BFA Committee. My aim is to help the BFA rebuild, refocus and create a brighter future for our sport. #ONEBFA

Bhav Patel

I have been competing in flyball for along time, I started off joining Jean Meeking and her team Molten Magnets and over time I became more involved with the training side of things and eventually took over the captaincy. I have joined the BFA committee with a view to ensuring the BFA continues to be an amazing place to have fun with your dog and friends.


Mandy Herald

Flyballing for 10 years, founder and Team Captain of Star Paws Flyball Team, Carnoustie, Scotland since 2018.  Family affair - both my girls compete with their dogs too who have great success at Crufts YKC over the years.  Husband not a box loader either!  My doggy career started in obedience and agility competing as a junior onwards, I walk, board and train dogs as my job.  Own 7 dogs, collie/cross collie mixs and 3 horses to keep me busy!  Love Love Love Flyball as a sport for all breeds of all speeds and the social side of course too! Just one more time or wing it would be my favourite flyball phrase!

Amy Ransom 


Originally from the North, I started flyball around 2002 with my Gran running in Sheffield Speeders. I met Scott in 2004 and joined the Nuneaton Flyers, where I have been ever since. I currently have five dogs, ranging from 12 years old to 7 months old.  I absolutely love running with the Nuneaton Flyers, I love the banter, I love training, and I love to race; however, you will not see me making any late clubs in the evenings as I love to sleep too much! When I am not competing at Flyball, I work as a Teaching Assistant at a school I have been at for nearly ten years.  In my spare time, you will find me drinking numerous amounts of Yorkshire Tea and watching crime documentaries on Netflix with the dogs, either that or cleaning! I am looking forward to the future of flyball. It is a sport I have been passionate about for years, and I still get a buzz every time I go to a show.  


BFA Officials

Membership Secretary

Teresa James

Show Secretary

Chris Thompstone

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Jeff Hughes
Certificates and Awards

Jeff Hughes


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Height Card Co-ordinator

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