BFA Officers and Committee Members

The British Flyball Association is an Unincorporated Association, in that it is an organisation set up by a group of individuals (members) who come together for a reason other than to make profit.  The BFA is not a business, it has no owners and it makes no profit.  It has no paid employees and all BFA officials are volunteers, some elected by the membership (the Committee), some appointed (by the Committee), but none receive any remuneration for their time which is provided free and in addition to their other personal or work commitments.  100% of income generated by the Association (membership fees, tournament fees, or other sources) is, without exception, put toward the necessary functioning of the Association.

The BFA is run by the membership, for the membership.  As such it relies entirely on goodwill to function.  It is therefore of fundamental importance to the existence of the Association that members are at all times polite and respectful to each other and are mutually supportive in all dealings relating to BFA activity.  The role of the Committee is to manage the Association’s resources and provide the necessary endeavour to ensure the continued functioning of the Association for the benefit of the membership.  The Committee are assisted in this by a team of other members who volunteer their time to undertake specific functions as a BFA Official to maintain the framework for flyball which the whole membership rely on to fully enjoy the sport of flyball in the UK.

By choosing to join the BFA you have become a member of the largest, most progressive, vibrant and inclusive (and fun!) flyball association in Europe; you will get an equal voice and equal vote in all matters relating to the BFA.  All we ask in return is that you use your membership responsibly and are polite and respectful in all your dealings with other BFA members and officials.

The following members are those that have volunteered their time to help run the Association on your behalf.



Vice Chair



Karen Marks Treasurer
Nicky James Karen Marks Kelly Murdoch



Membership Secretary

Show Secretary


Membership Secretary Show Secretary
Maureen Hendry Teresa James Chris Thompstone


Height Card Co-ordinator

Certificates & Awards


Height Card Co-ordinator

Certificates Webmaster
Donna Boddison Jeff Hughes Alex Pimperton



Hilary Larkham Avril Wilson Hazel Miller




Media Team Records & Stats Team Judges Board

Vet Team Regional Rep Team Accessibility Team