BFA Qualified Judges

This list represents the current fully qualified British Flyball Association Judges iaw BFA Rules & Policies section B.

Any queries pertaining to this list should be directed to the BFA Secretary - Any other enquiries concerning judging, judges, or becoming a judge should be directed to the BFA Judges Board

Name E-mail
Paul Astbury
Jason Baker
Karen Ballam
Christian Bell
Jon Bisset
Michael Black
Garry Black
Donna Boddison
Lisa Brookes
Gillian Bull
Zoe Colling
Terry Condra
Chris Gosling
Tina Hatcher
Maureen Hendry
Caz Higginson
Paul Horton
Damian Hunt
Alison Hunter
Caroline Jacks
Nicky James
Richard James
Lynne Laing
John Laverick
Ray Lewis
Avril Logan
Chris Mace
Keith Marshall
Max Marshall
Lorraine Martyn
Katie McPhail
Michael Minich
Kirsty Moulin-Clarke
Kelly Murdoch
Katherine Palin
Bhavnesh Patel
Adele Peyton
Terry Pocock
Bill Reast
Sean Rodgers
Kate Sermon
Kim Sermon
Joanne Shears
Zara Silver
Sarah Wallace
David Warren