Upcoming Events

Date Name County Host Team Schedule Release Class
02.07.2022 Penny Farm, Blackpool Lancashire Red Rose Rockets 17.05.2022 Limited Open
16.07.2022 Epworth Showground South Yorkshire Notts Supadogs 31.05.2022 Limited Open
16.07.2022 Imber Court Surrey FourPaws Racing 31.05.2022 Limited Open
16.07.2022 Ballamoar Campsite Isle of Man Western 31.05.2022 Limited Open
23.07.2022 Anstey Park Hampshire Flea Jumperz 07.06.2022 Open
23.07.2022 Drax Sports & Social Club North Yorkshire Focus 07.06.2022 Limited Open
12.08.2022 BFA INDOOR CHAMPIONSHIPS - Three Counties Showground Worcestershire The BFA Committee 21.06.2022 Limited Open