Secretary's Announcements

BFA Covid Update


Following our announcement to go ahead with flyball racing before the final lifting of all legal lockdown measures, we have been collating the questions from members and are pleased to provide you with a consolidated response on the attached fact-sheet of Frequently Asked Questions. We hope this provides you the reassurance and confidence that all flyball activity is being conducted as safely as possible and in compliance with all regulations in place to limit to spread of covid.

Memebers will still need to comply wih all covid regualtions and normal social distancing, and common sense and flexibility will need to be applied at all times, so please respect and look after each other.

The BFA has also updated it's Covid Risk Assessment Template to ensure organisers are aware of potential risks and can take all the appropriate measures to make any events compliant with any regulations in place at the time.

The BFA has also updated the guide to covid adapted flyball activities, informing organisers and members of the changes they will need to make when participating in flyball actiities before the final lifting of lockdown measures. All these safety measures can be done within the BFA Rules of Racing which enables us to sanction the shows that will take place under these conditions, but it will be different from what you are normally used to, so please be patient, respect the organisers, your judges and fellow competitors, and be sensible and we can all start the long awaited transition back to the sport we all love.