Dog No:
Border Collie/WSD
Award Tournament Date
Flyball Dog Errol Airfield, Perth 11.11.2017
Flyball Dog Intermediate Milton of Crathes, Banchory 05.05.2018
Date Tournament Class Team Points
24.02.2019 Thistle Industrial Estate, Fife Limited Open Border Killie's 195
20.01.2019 Thistle Industrial Estate, Cowdenbeath Limited Open Border Killie's 180
17.08.2018 BFA OUTDOOR CHAMPIONSHIPS - Catton Hall Limited Open Killie in the Name Of 50
26.05.2018 Hartfield Farm/Boarding Kennels, Paisley Limited Open A Killie's Heel 420
05.05.2018 Milton of Crathes, Banchory Limited Open Killie Sealed with a Touch 255
18.03.2018 Thistle Industrial Estate, Cowdenbeath, Fife Limited Open Killie Strike Bark 275
16.12.2017 Errol Airfield, Perth Limited Open Killie Crankies 315
11.11.2017 Errol Airfield, Perth Limited Open Killie Crankies 260
21.10.2017 Errol Airfield, Perth Limited Open Border Killie's 60