Dog No:
Border Collie/WSD
Award Tournament Date
Flyball Dog EggboroughSports & Leisure Complex 23.05.2015
Flyball Dog Intermediate Drax Sports & Social Club 29.08.2015
Flyball Dog Graduate Eggborough Sports and Leisure 18.06.2016
Flyball Dog Advanced Newark Showground 10.09.2016
Flyball Dog Silver Eggborough Sports & Social Club, Goole 13.05.2017
Flyball Dog Gold Scorton, North Yorkshire Events Centre 10.02.2018
Flyball Dog Ice Blue Moon Croft Club, Darlington 08.09.2018
Flyball Dog Platinum Epworth Showground 13.04.2019
Flyball Dog Pearl Newark Showground 21.09.2019
Flyball Dog Jade Thistle Industrial Estate, Cowdenbeath 15.03.2020
Flyball Dog Chica North Yorkshire Events Centre 26.02.2022
Flyball Dog Belle Star North Yorkshire Events Centre 07.10.2023
Date Tournament Class Team Points
02.07.2016 Penny Farm, Blackpool Limited Open Karma Kanines 335
18.06.2016 Eggborough Sports and Leisure Limited Open Karma Chameleons 350
11.06.2016 Meadowmill Sports Centre, Tranent Limited Open Karma Kanines 265
28.05.2016 Royal Highland Centre, Ingliston, Edinburgh Limited Open Karma Drama 255
14.05.2016 Scott Ellis Fields, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire Limited Open Karma Chameleons 225
30.04.2016 Drax Sports & Social Club Limited Open Karma Down 285
23.04.2016 Epworth Showground, Doncaster Limited Open Karmageddon 95
16.04.2016 Durham Constabulary, Edwardson Road, Meadowfield Limited Open Karma Bites 125
02.04.2016 EggboroughSports & Leisure Limited Open Karma Down 90
26.03.2016 Driffield Showground Limited Open Karma Kanines 235