Dog No:
English Cocker Spaniel
Award Tournament Date
Flyball Dog Maidstone 26.02.2012
Flyball Dog Intermediate Fairview Farm, Stockbridge, Hampshire 09.04.2012
Flyball Dog Graduate Cowgate Farm, Folkestone 01.09.2012
Flyball Dog Advanced Brentwood Centre 11.05.2013
Flyball Dog Silver Cowgate Farm, Hawkinge 25.08.2014
Flyball Dog Gold Anstey Park. Alton 26.09.2015
Flyball Dog Ice Blue Moon Maidstone 09.10.2016
Flyball Dog Platinum Cowgate Farm, Hawkinge 28.08.2017
Flyball Dog Pearl Lockmeadow, Maidstone 20.01.2019
Date Tournament Class Team Points
10.02.2019 Lockmeadow, Maidstone Limited Open Ball Busters 370
20.01.2019 Lockmeadow, Maidstone Limited Open Ball Busters 365
08.12.2018 Sparsholt College, Winchester Limited Open Ball Buster Bouncers 415
28.10.2018 Lockmeadow, Maidstone Limited Open Ball Busters 300
17.08.2018 BFA OUTDOOR CHAMPIONSHIPS - Catton Hall Limited Open Ball Busters 345
30.06.2018 Ardingly, South of England Showground Limited Open Ball Busters 165
09.06.2018 Anstey Park, Alton Limited Open Ball Buster Dreamers 400
19.05.2018 South of England Showground, Ardingly Limited Open Ball Busters 230
07.05.2018 Cowgate Farm, Hawkinge Limited MultiBreed Ball Sorters 380
05.05.2018 Cowgate Farm, Hawkinge Limited Open Ball Busters 175