Dog No:
Border Collie/WSD
Award Tournament Date
Flyball Dog Tai Lawr, Bryngwran 28.07.2007
Flyball Dog Intermediate Caird Park, Dundee 11.08.2007
Flyball Dog Graduate Northern Racing College, Doncaster 11.11.2007
Flyball Dog Advanced Prissick Base, Middlesbrough 10.05.2008
Flyball Dog Silver Eastham, Wirral 20.06.2009
Flyball Dog Gold Mona Showground 06.11.2010
Flyball Dog Ice Blue Moon Swallownest Miners Welfare, Sheffield 09.06.2012
Date Tournament Class Team Points
25.03.2017 Newark Showground, Winthorpe Limited Open Able Antics 40
12.02.2017 Newark Showground Limited Open Able Antics 75
27.11.2016 Newark Showground Limited Open Able Antics 85
27.08.2016 Drax Sports & Social Club Limited Open Antics with Attitude 30
19.08.2016 BFA Championships, Catton Hall, Walton upon Trent Limited Able Antics 50
26.06.2016 Dogs Unleashed, Bakewell Showground Limited Open Antics 50
11.06.2016 Eggborough, Goole Open Antics with Attitude 65
21.05.2016 Newark Showground Limited Open Antics 75
14.05.2016 Sutton Farm, Nr Runcorn Limited Open Antics in Action 170
28.02.2016 Newark Showground Limited Open Active Antics 335