Secretary's Announcements

BFA Website - Feedback and Tweaks

It has now been nearly two weeks since the new BFA website went live, and we are pleased to say the reception it has received has been overwhelmingly positive! 

That said, we are keen to continually review and improve the experience for users of the site as much as possible, and to that end we have been steadily making tweaks and improvements. This has largely been based on feedback we have received from members via the feedback form, so thank you to all those who took the time to give us your input.

I've included below some of the things that have already been done and some that are still to do. This is by noooooooooo means comprehensive, just the headline stuff. 
Things done - 

  • THE ONLINE RENEWALS PAGE IS NOW WORKING! This is particularly important for those of you wanting to renew in time for the Easter tournaments. It is entirely possible that not all renewals that are submitted between now and the weekend will be processed by then, but as long as you have a confirmation email, or record of the bank transaction showing you've done it, we will be able to make sure no-one loses any points! Please remember that this is for renewing members ONLY. New members wishing to join the BFA for the first time must send in a New Membership Application form available in Downloads.
  • The Seedlist download issue is now fixed - so please feel free to use the red download button available on the seedings page.
  • Registered dogs with no points will now show when searched for. 

Things still to do/requested - 

  • The points summary by competition - I know people have said they use it for sorting presents, and just seeing at a glance points for different dogs in the team without having to go to each dog's page. 
  • An 'Archive' page for past AGM, Committee and EGM minutes as well as old Flyball Records etc.
  • Contact details (email, website etc) on primary team pages. 

Although all of the above will be done at some point, when exactly will depend on a lot of other factors - for example the contact details is probably not something we'll do until you can all log in and edit the details yourselves. So in the meantime, please be patient and bear with - we are doing everything we can as quickly as we can to improve things both for you and behind the scenes. 

Happy Browsing!