Secretary's Announcements

BFA COVID-19 Latest

The BFA Committee is committed to the safety and welfare of our membership and their dogs, and we will carefully manage the return of flyball activities with safety as our top priority. We continue to be led by UK Government advice and will continue to update our guidance depending on how the national COVID-19 situation develops.

To help keep the membership informed of the very latest this blog will continue to be updated with the latest news and developments as they happen, and act as a single depository for all COVID-19 related documents that members and clubs may find useful as we progress with the BFA Roadmap for the return to flyball activities.

Sanctoned Tournaments

There will be no BFA sanctioned tournaments held before the end of September 2020.

A decision regarding October tournaments will be made in August.


From 25th July it is possible to train in larger groups of people as long as social distancing and good hygiene measures are in place. This means that club training can now resume. There continues to be inherent risk of trnasmission of coronavirus in any activity and each club will need to undetrtkae their own assessment of whether it is right for them at this time. Clubs will need to keep themselves apprised of any local lockdown conditions or retrsictions that may apply. For those teams wishing t undertake team training we recommend the use of the following products:

BFA COVID-19 Training Guidance

BFA Risk Assessment

BFA Action Plan

If any team would be interested in hosting an unsanctioned event (training event, single & pairs, small round robin tournament etc) from the end of September, please email for further advice and support.