Secretary's Announcements

BFA Action Plan for COVID-19 Adapted Flyball Activities

Following our release of the BFA Roadmap we have done some further work on Step 4 and how flyball activities may be allowed to proceed in accordance with new changes on social distancing and recreational sporting activities announced by the government. Published below is a comprehensive BFA Action Plan for COVID-19 Adapted Flyball, which provides advice and guidance on conducting flyball activities safely before we get to Step 5.

Recent changes in UK Government social distancing guidelines to facilitate the return of recreational sport mean it is now possible to train in larger groups of people as long as social distancing and good hygiene measures are in place. This means that club training may now resume. There continues to be inherent risk of transmission of Coronavirus in any activity and each club will need to undertake their own assessment of whether it is right for them at this time. Clubs will also need to keep themselves apprised of any local lockdown conditions or restrictions that may apply. For those clubs that wish to undertake team training we continue to recommend the use of the BFA Risk Assessment template and we have now drafted a BFA Action Plan for COVID-19 adapted flyball activities, which will help clubs reduce the risks of transmission of the disease during any flyball activities they undertake. We think the measures in the Action Plan are all sensible and practical steps that all clubs should take to reduce any residual risk to their members to as low as is reasonably practicable. If this Action Plan is followed, in conjunction with the BFA RA then clubs would be adhering to the government guidelines for socially distanced sporting activities.

Should anyone have difficulties reading or understanding this Action Plan please do not hesitate in contacting the BFA for additional help or support. Please e-mail for further advice.