Membership Renewal

This page is for existing members of the BFA who wish to renew their membership for 2018. If you wish to join the BFA for the first time, please use the new membership application form found in the Downloads section.

Voting Rights

Single Membership – Adult member will receive Full Voting rights.

Joint Membership – Both Adult members of Joint membership will receive Full Voting rights.

Family Membership – Only 2 Adult members of Family membership will receive Full Voting rights.

N.B Any membership renewal that is not received on or before the 31st January 2017 will be considered lapsed, thereafter a late fee (£10) will apply in addition to the FULL membership fee.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that you enter the correct BFA number for each member. For Joint and Family memberships which include new members, please enter ‘0000’ for the membership number. Please note that a £3.00 (inc VAT) joining fee is applied per renewal to include all new members. (Eg. £32.50 + £3.00 = £35.50 total payable)

IMPORTANT: If you wish to add any new dogs, please get in touch with Pat Wadby the membership secretary directly at

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