20th Anniversary FANCY DRESS

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20th Anniversary FANCY DRESS

Postby jocrosswell » 08 Jul 2014, 09:16

Saturday Night Disco at the Champs

Theme: 'What were you wearing when you were 20 years old'

To celebrate the BFA being 20 years old, the theme for the Disco will be 'What were you wearing when you were 20 years old'. So think back to when you were 20 what was the height of fashion, what did you think was cool to wear.
Not quite 20 yet or struggling to think back that far here is some suggestions to get you all thinking.
Either in your teams or as individuals, pick a team mate or your Team Captain or just pick an era of fashion, your favourite trend, raid your wardrobe and come flaunt your stuff Saturday night in the large marquee.

So if you were a Rocker or a Mod, like your Rock more Glam than Brighton, more Mini than RaRa, more Punk than Goth, leg warmer or leotard, more Fame than Flash Dance, your T-shirt was a GoGo rather than Relax, your suit was velour or 3 piece white, your top is tank, your trousers short, your hair was big or was that the shoulder pads, Brit pop was in, you need some Spice in your life or like more Miami Vice. Want some Saturday Night Fever or just want some Mama Mia, flared, bell bottom, cropped or MC Hammer the dance floor awaits you

and should you find you are up to date or a little short on age then your Onesie will be just fine or roar back in time to the twenties where all the flappers are.
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