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Dog Measuring

Postby jocrosswell » 11 Apr 2014, 22:06

At the AGM on Sunday 6 April the rule change below was carried.
Following discussion the Committee have agreed to implement this addition to a rule with immediate effect for the benefit of the membership and Tournament Organisers.

Subject to the availability of equipment, Head Judges and Measuring Officials the Committee agree that the Tournament Organiser for the Easter Tournaments may decide to host a dog measuring session at an alternate time to the traditional pre-racing session, for example on Good Friday.

The Committee will consider agreeing other events and additional measuring upon request from a Tournament Organiser.

Regional Representatives may also host Regional Dog Measuring Events to assist members achieve sufficient measures to apply for a height card for their dog. Future announcements will be made on this forum and via Facebook Closed Groups for BFA Members and Regional Representative Groups.

Rule 5.6 Judging Procedures b) Two Measuring Officials, shall measure dogs jumping less than 14” (Add) either at a gathering/meeting/event agreed by the Committee or at any day of a flyball tournament if time allows.

Reason for change: to give more flexibility and availability for dog measuring
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