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Nominations for the BFA Committee

Postby jocrosswell » 07 Feb 2014, 16:16

This notice is to advise that the link to Submit Nominations for Committee election are now available on the Website.

On the Secretary's Page there is a link to Submit Nominations for Committee Election.

The BFA Committee are the elected representatives of the Membership. This work is purely voluntary, time consuming, and can be difficult, it can also be rewarding.

Email, Closed Facebook Groups, video conferencing and Face2Face meetings are made use of to carry out the work required and in developing the Association for the future.

This coming AGM will see four of our number come to the end of their current term.

Before standing for the Committee you need to confirm that you meet the requirements (see below) for the committee role and also consider if you have time to commit to the task.

Any member wishing to be elected onto the BFA Committee must have at least 3 years’ experience in the association and must have attended at least one BFA AGM.

Nominations received in writing to the Secretary and seconded by at least one current BFA member, 30 days before the AGM will be eligible for election to the new Committee.

Committee members will be expected to correspond by email on a regular basis, administer the BFA Facebook Closed Groups and attend as many meetings as required (Either face2face or Video Conferencing via the Internet), after prior notice has been given. Committee members shall be expected to attend these meetings.

Kind regards,
Jo Crosswell
BFA Secretary on behalf of the BFA Committee.
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Re: Nominations for the BFA Committee

Postby jocrosswell » 17 Feb 2014, 19:33

For those wishing to potentially stand for a place on the BFA Committee please could you give consideration to the expectations, roles and responsibilities being a committee member brings. Hopefully this will help to highlight the level of commitment and time it takes to perform the role of a committee member.
This is in no way intended to deter Members from standing; rather it is to allow for a more informed decision.
• Face to Face meetings in Meriden, Birmingham 3 or more times per year. (9:30am to 5pm)
• Skype or online meetings at least every other month on evenings for approximately 4 hours.
• Dedicate at least 1 hour per day and sometimes more to committee business (e-mail and general correspondence, meetings etc.)
• Available for emergency Skype or online meetings within 48 hours’ notice.
• Access to e-mails on a regular basis, (we have corresponded over 12,000 e-mails between the committee alone in the last 2 years).
• Act as a mediator or an Investigating Officer on behalf of the BFA Committee for incidents, complaints or dog welfare issues.
• Timely respond to e-mails within 24 hours.
• Attend every AGM whilst serving as a committee member.
• Be a point of contact at all shows attended at all times for member queries/concerns.
• Handing out of certificates at shows you attend.
• Be a phone and e-mail contact for the membership when not attending shows. (contact through the web site)
• Be aware of your representation of the association in all social media and general communication.
• Be a forward thinking and conscientious member of the association looking to improve and benefit the sport.
• Have a shared common goal with the other 8 committee members and support a unified front to the membership
• Have a week’s annual leave for the set-up of the British Championships.
• Attend training days hosted by the committee.
• Be willing to perform tasks to prepare for events etc (committee job allocations for champs)
• Contribute or lead working party for specific projects to benefit the association.
• To liaise with other governing bodies of Flyball worldwide to benchmark the BFA and share good practice for the benefit of all.
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