Proposed New Constitution and Amended Rules

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Proposed New Constitution and Amended Rules

Postby Ali Kirk » 22 Feb 2018, 23:49

As per our previous announcement on the 14th Feb in regards to the proposed change to the structure of our rules please see the attached Constitution & Rules of Flyball Racing.

The Constitution and Rules of Flyball racing have now been separated. What this means is that the constitution which provides the Association's foundation remains in place and the Rules for Flyball Racing will be open for proposals and a membership vote each year.

The constitution underpins the BFA's philosophy and ethos.
It ensures that these remain unchanged, allowing the BFA to grow and evolve, without losing the fundamental elements that the creation of the BFA originated from

Please read through the proposed changes and then cast your vote as to whether or not you agree with this proposal. The vote will be open on 26th February until 5th March you will receive an email with the details on how to vote.

Thank you to those that took the time to complete the recent poll as to who is attending the AGM. The numbers expected to attend show that Wythall is not suitable so we have another venue approximately 15 miles away, that we are in the process of finalising. The address and further details will be released soon. ... g-proposal
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Re: Proposed New Constitution and Amended Rules

Postby Ali Kirk » 28 Feb 2018, 13:10

Please find version 2 of the proposed new Constitution and Amended rules available at the following link:
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Re: Proposed New Constitution and Amended Rules

Postby TonyJ1000 » 02 Mar 2018, 00:54

Committee Announcement
Proposal for the Constitution and Restructured Rules of Racing.

The Rules working group, with the support of the Committee, have worked extremely hard to present this updated document as to what is seen as providing the BFA with a document that is fit for purpose and easier to follow. This will only be the start of making improvements and we are sure the membership will also have proposals to make improvements to the rules of racing. The vote now opens... from Friday 2nd March until midnight on the 8th March. So each member has the time to read and consider their vote carefully. This is a very important vote that we would encourage all members to take part in. If you do not recieve an email from ERS on Friday please email -

Corrections to version 2 as follows -

- Changed original wording to A Governing body of international Flyball Racing within the United Kingdom.

- 5.2 reference corrected from 4b to 4.2

- Rules of racing - Duties and responsibilities 2.8F references corrected.

Over the last few days we have seen a number of questions asked so we would like to offer some answers.

5.2 Constitution - This rule should only be used in exceptional circumstances. It is there to protect the Committee of the time. If a Committee member is not fulfilling their role then there is something in place to remove them from their position. Each Committee member needs to be accountable to their fellow Committee members and the membership.

Rule 2.1aiii . In the existing rule book it states sections 1,2&3 should only be changed at a General Meeting and following a vote of all the eligible membership.
Therefore by undertaking a consultation period and offering a full membership vote this is still within the definition of the rule.
The membership have had 2 weeks to consider this proposal and then have an option to complete an electronic vote for yes to accept or No to reject the proposal. The reason this vote has been brought forward ahead of the AGM is that if the vote had taken place at the AGM it would have taken a significant amount of the discussion time. Therefore the decision was made to provide the membership ample time to formulate their proposals and allows full and frank discussions about their proposals at the AGM. By taking this approach this ensures that the membership have the updated document to propose changes against for the rules of racing.

As a reminder if you do not recieve an email please contact -…/constitution-and-rules-racing-propo…
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