Extreme Racers tournament - Newark 15/16th November 2014

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Extreme Racers tournament - Newark 15/16th November 2014

Postby bessamour » 16 Nov 2014, 15:16

A big thank you to the Extremes from the Sheffield Sharks for a great days racing yesterday. The logistics, sorting massive over subscription, organising Live Stream and the laying down of all the Tuff Spun must have been a nightmare but everyone really appreciated all your hard work. We loved the Tuff Spun and our dogs didn't seem to flag towards the end of the days racing as they sometimes (usually?) do. We appreciated the long run back and in fact the way everything was so well organised.
Loads of thanks must go to Bev (Sheffield) and Christine (Crazies) for getting up at silly o'clock, Bev to run my Billie for me and Christine to box load for us when they weren't running dogs themselves.
Big thanks also to Tracey (Northdene) for being on the line for us all day and Rachel (Sheffield) who stayed all morning to pick up balls for us.
Without you all we couldn't have raced.
Big brownie points to Emily who ran Flyte her young dog, and apart from a couple of hiccups ran brilliantly all day. He'd only run in a few open tournaments and never indoors, so well done.
The rest of the team dogs ran very well.
Thank you to the judges and ring parties.

x x x x x

:D :D :D :D :D :D
And yummy thanks for the hot chocolate complete with cream and marshmallows when we were doing ring party.
Kate, Billie and Shannon, Dizzy
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