Jenni Wallace 2030

Although there were 5 candidates for 5 positions and an election was, in the end, not needed, the nomination submissions for each candidate are included here to help the membership familiarise themselves with the 2018 committee members that they may not know.

Jenni Wallace 2030

Postby Ali Kirk » 28 Mar 2018, 13:27

Nominated by: Shona McNab (5239)
Seconded by: Alison Hunter (6674)

Jenni Wallace became interested in the sport of Flyball in 2003 – as a breeder/owner of 6 super charged (energy-wise) and super-intelligent (brain-wise) Border Collies. After much research – looking for an outlet for her dog’s talents/energy - she started competing in the sport in 2004. At this time, she co-founded with her sister (Sarah), the team “Lomond Raiders”, based in the west coast of Scotland.

After a few short years of competing and gaining experience within our sport at various venues and competitions throughout the U.K, Jenni was hooked, and was fully-committed to the promotion and growth of Flyball in her “home region”, Scotland, albeit initially for selfish reasons… who amongst us would not like local competitions/tournaments…on our door-step, instead of having to travel hundreds of miles to compete in the sport we love and deal with/support travel-weary athletes (our dogs)?

Her enthusiasm has helped to increase (more than double) the number of teams and (more than triple) the number of competitions within her home region. From October 2012 she has continued this work in an ‘official’ capacity as BFA Regional Representative (Scotland).

In April 2014, Jenni was co-opted onto the British Flyball Association (BFA) Committee and was fully-elected by the BFA Membership in 2015 to serve for a further two years. During this time, she was also the BFA Regional Representative Coordinator, helping to build a strong team of Area Representatives, assisting BFA members nationwide, at the grass roots level.

Having served on the BFA Committee (undertaking various roles, including: Disciplinary Sub-Committee (DSC) Lead/Member; Champs Entry Co-Ordinator etc.), Jenni decided to take some time for herself after her full-term expired in April 2017, and did not run for re-election. However, she was co-opted back on to the Committee in October 2017 - after a sad and turbulent period within the BFA…a role none of us, I am sure, would welcome with open arms? - and continues to serve the Membership and the whole Association by helping to ensure a stable and secure future for the BFA, giving equal consideration to ALL and making sure ALL are heard and dealt with in a fair and consistent manner.

With a Judging career that started in 2011, Jenni achieved her Head Judge status in August 2014 and continues to be very active judging at competitions she attends throughout the UK. She was extremely honoured to be asked to be a Head Judge at the BFA Outdoor Championships in 2016 and moreover, Division 1 Judge at the BFA Outdoor Championships, 2017 – I’m sure you ALL remember the moment lightning struck during the Div. 1 warm-up in 2017!!!

Jenni has a strong sense of integrity, fairness, transparency and loyalty. She is approachable, extremely hard-working and has a deep love and will for the betterment for the sport of Flyball. She will continue to exercise all such attributes, if elected onto the BFA Committee for a second term.
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