Rachel Short 3267

Although there were 5 candidates for 5 positions and an election was, in the end, not needed, the nomination submissions for each candidate are included here to help the membership familiarise themselves with the 2018 committee members that they may not know.

Rachel Short 3267

Postby Ali Kirk » 28 Mar 2018, 13:24

Proposed by: Jeannette Shelley (1497)
Seconded by: Sam Barraclough (7050)

Rachel has been involved in flyball for 10 years, starting out with West Riding Wizards after re-homing and competing with her dog Ria and later forming her own team in West Yorkshire before moving to the North East.

In 2010, Rachel became a Qualified Judge and later volunteered as one of the founding members of the Judges Board when established in 2015. In 2016, Rachel became a Head Judge and later that year, was given the honour of being a Head Judge at the Outdoor Championships. Rachel enjoys a variety of racing in different formats, both indoors and out, block and staggered and has judged in all varieties. Rachel is also a current BFA regional representative where she volunteers her time to helping members old and new with various aspects of the BFA.

Rachel has travelled to USA & Canada and attended the NAFA CanAm Championships in 2015 where she gained valuable insight into the organisation of flyball abroad. She has raced at several BFA Championships and a European Championships with her current team Commandos. Highlights being winning divisions at the European Championships in 2016, but her most successful and proud moment was winning Division 2 at the BFA outdoor champs last year running her dog Carreaux.
Rachel has also competed at Crufts twice, and been a member of the ring party, which gained her further insight into the different ways various associations function.

Rachel was co-opted onto the committee in October 2017 following the EGM and has worked hard with the other committee members to take the BFA forward through a difficult time and has been liaison with the rules working group during the last 5 months. Rachel is very keen to ensure the BFA has a rule book which is fit for purpose, her ongoing enthusiasm for the consistent application and interpretation of the rules is unwavering.

In ‘real life’ Rachel is a Urology Nurse Practitioner so works closely with others, using problem solving, assessment and evaluation skills. Rachel is married to Andrew and they have a 5-year-old daughter, Georgia. They have 6 dogs, 4 racing dogs, one retired and one Stanley.
Rachel is able to manage her time well and is confident she can continue to make a difference, bringing fresh ideas and a different perspective.

Rachel is keen to continue on the committee and is willing to devote her time to continuing taking the BFA forward having already shown commitment to the BFA by being a regional representative, judges board member and co-opted committee member, Rachel will be an asset to the BFA committee.
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