Justin Shearing 4289

Although there were 5 candidates for 5 positions and an election was, in the end, not needed, the nomination submissions for each candidate are included here to help the membership familiarise themselves with the 2018 committee members that they may not know.

Justin Shearing 4289

Postby Ali Kirk » 28 Mar 2018, 13:20

Nominated by: Alicia Marsland (3162)
Seconded by: Andrew Short (2947)

Juddy, with his wife Mel, and son Morgan, has been playing flyball since 2009. Training and competing with Lightning Strikes since 2010, having previously been with Water Orton Wonderdogs, he is an experienced flyballer having regularly competed in all formats, indoor, outdoor, staggered, block, and Crufts. He has consistently raced at the top end of flyball, being a runner up in Div 1 at the British Outdoor Champs and Winning Div 3 in the European Champs in 2017, but its not all about speed, and racing in Div 29 with his naughty and unpredictable Lurchers is just as satisfying.

Thoroughly committed to flyball he competes with his team Lightning Strikes all year round, racking up about 25 shows a year, he has attended all British Champs since 2009, been a regular competitor in Europe and a regular fixture at AGMs, Judges Seminars and training days. With his team he hosted 5 sanctioned tournaments (indoor and outdoor) and a starters competition in 2017, and has done 2 already in 2018. So as a committee member he will be very visible and very accessible to all the membership. Juddy has also been a Qualified Judge for 4 years and is known for his consistent and fair application of the rules, whilst allowing for fun and enjoyment in the ring.

Juddy and Mel have 8 dogs, 3 now retired, 4 competing and a flyball puppy in training. Mostly Border Collies, the Shearings also have 2 whippet poodle crosses, and a poodle, so a wide experience of different breeds and their very different handling and training requirements.

Away from flyball Juddy is a Wing Commander in the Royal Air Force, having recently served on operations in Bosnia, Iraq, the Caribbean, Libya and Afghanistan. This means he has a wealth of experience in organising and leading and knowing how to just get stuff done. It also means he will always do the right thing rather than the easy thing, is honest, trustworthy and loyal, he won’t be bullied or intimidated but can be persuaded or influenced by reason and logic.

Juddy has valuable experience from other sports being a footballer (and FA qualified coach), long distance runner and open water diver, and he is experienced in running national level sporting organisations as he has been both Secretary and Treasurer to the RAF Football Association in the past.

Juddy has not put himself forward for the committee before due to his operational commitments, however he is currently in a role where he will remain in the UK for the foreseeable future, therefore he is now able to commit himself fully to serving the flyball community, and taking our great sport forward whilst keeping it open, accessible, and enjoyable for all.

Juddy is committed to the BFA, he is a man of integrity, fairness and loyalty. He has many atributes and experiences that I am confident that will equip him for being asset to the Bfa committee.
Oh, and P.S, in case you forgot, he’s the one that ‘ruined flyball’ with his outrageous one false start rule!!
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