Craig Burrows 2190

Although there were 5 candidates for 5 positions and an election was, in the end, not needed, the nomination submissions for each candidate are included here to help the membership familiarise themselves with the 2018 committee members that they may not know.

Craig Burrows 2190

Postby Ali Kirk » 28 Mar 2018, 13:09

Nominated by: Andy Bolton (5198)
Seconded by: Karen Mee (4699)

I would like to propose Craig Burrows (2190) to join the committee at the next AGM.

I feel that his experience of Flyball since a young age, he was 8 when he started, learnt the rules to enable himself to become a judge at 18 and head judge at 25 shows his commitment to the sport.

Craig has been judge many times during mine and Karen's racing completions and has always shown himself to be firm, fair and working for the best interests of the dogs. He is able to tackle difficult situations and bring calm to the often intense disagreements between teams that occurs while racing!

Craig has been an asset to the BFA Committee at both the outdoor and indoor champs as a Head Judge. Even though his team was unable to qualify as they had only recently been established.

I think that he will be able to unite the membership after the difficult times the BFA faced last year, going through the problems with Marnicks and the UKFL coming into play.

Recently joining the judges board and is trying to get all on board to create equitable standards throughout all racing. As a person who has not served on the committee in the past, he will bring new ideas to keep our sport fresh, energised and in the best interests of all members and dogs. He is a great character in our area, everyone knows he's there when they see that hat! He offers support, encouragement and understanding to keep the momentum of the racing especially with the more novice teams.

Andy Bolton (5198)
Ali Kirk
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