William Whiteley 1433

Although there were 5 candidates for 5 positions and an election was, in the end, not needed, the nomination submissions for each candidate are included here to help the membership familiarise themselves with the 2018 committee members that they may not know.

William Whiteley 1433

Postby Ali Kirk » 28 Mar 2018, 13:29

Nominated by: Penny Charlton (0338)
Seconded by: Wayne O'Rourke (0061)

I have known William for many years now and have seen him grow into a fine young man. I served with him on the Committee some 14 years ago and found him to be very helpful, although I think at that time was a little young to give the full commitment to the BFA and Committee.
I don’t see him very much these days as times have changed within the Association and our paths don’t seem to cross as the sport has grown so much.
William has been in Flyball since 2000 and has taken over as team captain of the Yorkshire Bouncers and is also a Head Judge. I feel William has now the time to commit to the Committee and since being co-opted I have seen him being very proactive in all Committee business whether that be on Facebook or on the BFA website. I think William will be a big asset to the Committee with his drive and enthusiasm to help take the BFA Association forward over the next few years.
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