BFA AGM Rule Proposals Results 2018

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BFA AGM Rule Proposals Results 2018

Postby Rachel Short » 14 May 2018, 21:33

The BFA Committee are pleased to announce the results of the AGM 2018 Rule Proposals are now available.
Please see the attached document for details of all the results.

The most significant changes, that will have an impact on racing, are that the minimum height of a flyball jump has decreased to 6” and all dogs will be measured at 6” below the withers.

As a committee, we appreciate that some teams are due to host tournaments in June, just a couple of days after the implementation of the rules. The Committee will ensure that any jump orders for these shows will be prioritised.
If you are unable to source the jumps from your usual provider, please contact the committee and we will be able to direct you to an alternative provider.

All dogs who are currently racing and listed on the master height list will receive new height cards, in the coming months, however your dog can race at their new height from the date of the rule implementation. To clarify, all dogs listed on the current height list will be entitled to race 1" lower than their current listed height. The master height list shall be updated accordingly once the rules are implemented.

The rules regarding video measures will be slightly delayed to ensure we have acquired the equipment and everyone has been trained. This is likely to be 1st September 2018.

The rules will come into force on the 31st May 2018, with the exception of the videoing measure.

Please refer to the AGM summary document at to link the results to the specific rules.

The amended BFA rules will be available within the next 7 days
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