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Housekeeping Announcements

Postby Ali Kirk » 12 Jan 2018, 01:12

A couple of bits of housekeeping :)

- There have been numerous changes to the forms available under the downloads section of the website -
Most of the changes are to reflect the change in details for the new Height Coordinator Kate Sermon, and the new Records and Stats officer Emma Foxton. Please make sure these forms are used from this point on.
We have also made available (Downloads->Racing Forms) new improved excel versions of all the racing paperwork required for a division of block racing. It is formatted to autocomplete multiple sheets based on the entry of the initial divisional data, so it should make life easier than the manual sheets that were previously listed (although admittedly some if not many of you may have been using your own excel based versions already).

- As some of you may be aware, the new website makes it easier to assign a registered handler that may be different to the registered owner. To reflect this, we will therefore be changing the milestone awards - where it currently says owner, it will in the future say handler. For Silver certificates upwards, this change will be immediate. For the earlier awards (FD, FDI, FDG & FDA) the change will be implemented gradually as stocks of certificates already printed are depleted.
The registered handler is automatically set to be the registered owner by default. If you wish to change this, please contact the Membership Secretary Pat Wadby.

Don't forget the contact details for all the BFA Officials mentioned above can be found on the BFA Official page -
along with the Committee and other Officers of the Association

Happy New Year :)
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