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Postby TonyJ1000 » 17 Sep 2017, 22:53

The committee have been discussing the EGM and acknowledge a request for a second EGM from Dan Culley. Due to the fact that it is unprecedented to have two EGM's called at the same time with, in effect the results of each potentially being the same. The Committee see no reason to call the second EGM as the topic for this can be incorporated into the first EGM already called.
If the Committees EGM ends in a VNC of the current 6 working members of the Committee, the association will have to deal with this in accordance with the rules. The EGM called by the committee will be held on 15th as advised.
We would like to reiterate that in this situation as we still have a functioning committee all sanctioned tournaments are to go ahead.
We cannot currently talk about the situation and remind members not to discuss this on social media as both would breach confidentiality. We thank you for your patience and hope to see you at the EGM.

Only the matter set out for the EGM is allowed to be discussed as per the rules, we would like to say that in the 6 of us, there is a tremendous amount of flyball experience and different skill sets. We appreciate just how massive a thing this is and that there is no way we would have done anything of such overwhelming significance flippantly or on a whim or purely because we disagreed with a point of view.
Rules of EGM to follow.

Tony James
For and on behalf of the committee
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Postby Ali Kirk » 22 Sep 2017, 23:42

Due to the expected attendance and to ensure everyone that wants to attend the egm is able, the committee have looked extensively to source a bigger venue, with suitable facilities and dog walking availability.
We are therefore able to confirm that the EGM will take place at the Cedric Ford Building at Newark Showground on Sunday 15th October.
Whilst we regret we have not been able to find something closer to the original choice of venue, we are encouraged that so many are planning to attend.

Ali Kirk

For and on behalf of the BFA Committee
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