Information for the Speed Trials for Divisions 1, 2 & 3

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Information for the Speed Trials for Divisions 1, 2 & 3

Postby jocrosswell » 04 Aug 2014, 23:44

Futher information about the Speed Trial for Divisions 1, 2 and 3 at the BFA Championships

1. The committee has decided that since time will allow, the teams entered for the Speed Trials will have 4 races of 3 heats to set a time - rather than the 3 races originally announced. This will consist of two races for each team at the end of morning’s racing on the Friday, and two races for each team at the end of the afternoon’s racing on the Friday, as shown in the draft running order recently published.

2. To ensure fair racing for all teams, the following will apply to the speed trials:
(a) Each Speed Trials race will consist of three heats – wins and losses and ties will be recorded, but will not be significant for results.
(b) For every heat, teams must nominate four dogs to run and must attempt to run all four of those dogs.
(c) In each heat, the jumps must be set to the height for the smallest dog nominated to run in that heat.
(d) In the case of interference during the speed trials, the team responsible for the interference will have “No Time” recorded. The team subjected to the interference will be given the opportunity to re-run that heat unopposed.
(e) If a team elects to go “Not For Competition” during the Speed Trials it will still be “Not For Competition” for the Double Elimination round on the Sunday.
(f) It should be noted that during the speed trials, there would generally be little benefit in re-running a dog following a handler error.

3. Break Outs: As any six of the 18 teams entered for Speed Trials may achieve a seeding in Division 1, there will be no Break-Out times during the Speed Trials. The Division Break-Out times for Divisions 2 and 3 during the Double Elimination round will be calculated from the Best Times run during the Speed Trials by the top seed in each of those divisions – in other words, the Division 2 break-out time will be calculated from the 7th best time recorded, and the Division 3 break-out time will be calculated from the 13th best time recorded.
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