Measuring all Dogs less than full height

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Measuring all Dogs less than full height

Postby jocrosswell » 21 Jun 2014, 18:02

This announcement is for everyone who has a dog less than full height.
Please read carefully and understand how height cards will be processed in the future.
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Re: Measuring all Dogs less than full height

Postby jocrosswell » 26 Jun 2014, 14:28

There have been some discussions on the BFA Members Facebook Page in respect of the change to the Height Card Process. I have also been contacted by email.
The Committee felt it may be useful to publish the reply to the email to enable fuller understanding of the reason for the change.

There is news below also of an event scheduled for the Championships; all attending Head Judges, Measuring Officials and Provisional Measuring Officials are asked to attend. The event is explained below.

A discussion was held with all Head Judges and Qualified Judges at the January seminar which highlighted some issues with dog measuring. The proposals at the AGM were carried resulting in the following points.
1. The rule change is that all sub-full-height dogs now need to be measured if they do not have a height-card – we will no longer have unmeasured dogs racing on a “declared” height
2. There is nothing in the rules which says that once a height-card is issued the dog cannot be measured again
3. If it is considered that the height card is incorrect the procedure is still in place for a formal independent re-measure.
4. The administrative change is that C13 forms are no longer needed – the third measure that counts towards the height card will still have to be at 30 months plus.
5. If a dog measures inconsistently, then the rule is still there to take the lower measure for the benefit of the dog.
The BFA Committee continue to put dog welfare at the centre of everything we do, however we needed to amend the process to fit the rule change carried at the AGM. Without the process change it is not possible to ensure that the rules will be complied with as members may continue to race without their dogs being measured or may be measured but may lose forms or fail to send them in. The rule says that;
Height Cards – All dogs must be measured at three separate BFA Sanctioned Tournaments; a gathering/meeting/event agreed by the Committee or at any day of a flyball tournament, the dog’s height having been agreed by two Measuring Officials on each occasion. The signatories to the Application Form must be at least four different Head Judges. A dog must be 18 months old prior to its first recorded measurement and at least 30 months old at final measurement. The final measurement is to be one of the required numbers of measurements in order to be issued with a height card. All height dogs must hold a height card by 36 months of age; if the above criteria cannot be met by 36 months of age then it must be met within the dogs first 10 sanctioned tournaments. Failure to do so shall result in loss of points for the dog and team on the day. When a Height Card is issued and recorded it must be available for inspection at each Tournament entered. The Records and Statistics Co-ordinator will produce an up-to-date list of all issued Height Cards for each Tournament so that it can be displayed and attached to the relevant Jump Height Form C.9. Jump Height Cards cannot be contested and will normally be applicable for the life of the dog. However, in some circumstances an Owner can re-apply if the dog’s measurement is considered to be incorrect. Before re-applying, an explanation must be sent to the Committee in writing accompanied by a completed Form C.13, meeting the criteria set out above in this Rule. Once the Committee have agreed, arrangements will be made for two Head Judges, selected by the Committee, who have not previously measured the dog and do not belong to the applicant’s own Team, to re-measure the dog to confirm the height. Handlers who are unable to produce their cards may have their dog’s jump height contested.

We hope you can appreciate that the current administrative process is not detailed in the BFA rules, therefore a rule change is not required. The process change is required as without it, it would not be possible to ensure compliance with the new rules. The membership voted in favour of the rule change taking away the choice of members to not have their sub full height dogs measured. It is therefore necessary to have a process that collates and makes use of the data to produce the height card. The BFA rules have always maintained that 3 measures with four different Head Judges or Measuring Officials signatures are sufficient to correctly identify the appropriate measure. That said where a height is considered inappropriate there is still a process to apply for the independent measure.
The committee can fully assure the membership that should an additional measure be taken, the two officials appointed will take the time to ensure the correct measure is taken. If necessary a revised height card would then be issued.
Kind regards
Jo Crosswell
BFA Secretary.

BFA announcement for Measuring Workshop

The BFA committee are hosting a Measuring Workshop on Thursday 14th August 2014 at the British Championships. The workshop will be held in the large marquee; it will start at 7.00 pm and last for approximately 45 mins. The workshop will be open to all Head Judges, Measuring Officials and Provisional Measuring Officials. This will be followed with a measuring session for Friday racing.

The aims of the workshop are to promote & share good practice, achieve consistent measuring throughout the BFA, raise the profile of measuring & its officials, to improve & maintain a high standard of measuring in the future.

With all the changes since April 2013 to measuring equipment and the recent reduction in the paperwork involved, it is felt that workshop is a good way to consolidate all the knowledge, skills & experience members have within the Association as well as looking forward to the future.

Setting up measuring equipment 10 mins
Handling dogs10 mins
Controlling the measuring area 3 mins
Measuring stick 2 mins
Forms C9 & C13 5 mins
Un-measurable dogs15 mins

We look forward to welcoming you there. For any futher infomation please email Jenni Wallace on
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