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Postby jocrosswell » 26 Nov 2013, 21:29

Memberships; the current rates of £12 & £18 have been the norm for many years with the Family rate of £24 being introduced in 2013.
The Committee has decided to increase the membership rates from January 2014 by 25 pence per month.
This will bring the membership rates to Single £15, Joint £21 and Family £27.
Renewals made from December 1st 2013 to January 1st 2014 will remain at the previous rate.

Renewals from January 2nd will reflect the new prices.
Late Renewals (from February 1st) will also attract the £2.50 administration charge per membership.
The increased revenue will be used by the Association for the benefit of the Membership in the development of the new Electronic Judging System (Lights), the new BFA Website, and the 2014 National Championships; the 20th Anniversary of the BFA.

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