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Regional Representatives Co-ordinator

PostPosted: 30 Apr 2012, 20:05
by rachel_c
As the first step in setting up the new Regional Representatives, the committee needs to appoint a Regional Representatives Co-ordinator.

The Co-ordinator will be be responsible for:

1. Creating and keeping up to date the Regional Representatives Handbook (in liaison with the committee)

2. Helping the committee to recruit the Regional Reps

3. Supporting the Regional Reps as they perform their role, with advice and assistance

4. Monitoring the Regional Reps' activities and liaising with the committee and officials

This role is all about communication, and is likely to have a fairly heavy time commitment from time to time The co-ordinator will need to be able to respond promptly to emails. The co-ordinator will probably need to arrange teleconferences with the Regional Reps (using Skype perhaps)from time to time.

The Co-ordinator should really have good experience of the following aspects of flyball:

1. The current BFA Rules and Policies

2. BFA paperwork and procedures

3. Practical knowledge of setting up a new team

4. Practical knowledge of hosting a tournament

Please send applications to the BFA Secretary by email to with details of how and why you feel you would be able to perform this role.


Re: Regional Representatives Co-ordinator

PostPosted: 18 May 2012, 22:32
by rachel_c
We are pleased to announce that Dan Culley has been appointed the Regional Representative Coordinator