Young Members Award Scheme forms

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Young Members Award Scheme forms

Postby Coco-loco » 09 Jun 2015, 13:20

Would it be possible to add the registration forms and points record forms to the forms section accessible from the home page? The ones in there are for the old Junior Handlers Award. Or are they somewhere else that I am missing?

At the moment I struggle to find the thread about the Young Members Award Scheme on the forum to retrieve the forms. I suppose I should save a copy really but if I struggle, I'm sure there are others who will struggle too.

Also, are there any plans to make records accessible for achievements? We can see what our dogs have got in the way of awards but the certificates for young members just magically turn up at appropriate times. If the information isn't put on the site perhaps a round up of who has achieved what could go into the Flyball News?

Thank you
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