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Postby sonya4403 » 30 Jun 2013, 11:50

Dear all, just to inform you that kennel cough is doing the rounds again. As you may know kennel cough is an airborne virus and can be easily caught (sometimes by not even being in close contact with an infected dog). The dog will start to feel a bit listless and out of sorts followed by the coughing and wretching up a white foam. Please keep the dog as quite and calm as possible and rehydrated. Keep your dog away from other dogs as much as you can (do not attend competitions). If your dog shows real signs of distress, lack of appetite, fever or laboured breathing seek vetenary advise ASAP. Kennel cough can be fatel for some dogs if not treated in time especially in dogs that are weak, elderly or very young and do not have a strong immune system to fight the infection.
I have recently had kennel cough in our household and 4 out of the five dogs I have got infected. The weakest of the dogs had to be rushed to the vet last Sunday evening and had antibiotic injections & tablets, she is now on the mend. The others were stong enough to fight it off and are nearly back to their normal mad selves. I am very concious that although you may not know that your dog is infected people are still attending competitions with those dogs that are and the disease is spreading like wild fire. Please stay away from public places, training and competitions for approx 3 weeks after your dog has stopped coughing and be extra vigilant!!!

Regards Sonya
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Postby Coco-loco » 02 Jul 2013, 20:41

Coco has kennel cough too. For the first couple of days I thought all the throat clearing was due to grass stuck in her throat or grit on her ball but the numerous pools of white froth made me suspect KC. My husband insisted on getting her vet checked so I have paid for the privilege of an outdoor consultation. It's the first time I've had first hand experience of kennel cough so I'll know what I'm looking for next time. The vet's receptionist told me they'd had another local flyball dog in with KC, so it certainly seems to be doing the rounds at the moment.
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