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Free Webinar

Postby Anne-Alderman » 04 Feb 2013, 09:20

If anyone is interested:

Pet Lifesavers is a series of three Free webinars for owners
on Emergencies and First Aid. The presentations are designed
to help owners to recognise emergency and potential emergency
situations and hazards.

Many owners still don't know that foods such as raisins, garlic,
onions and chocolate are toxic for pets- they can help keep their
pets safe with the information in these webinars.

Throughout the series it will be emphasised that veterinary advice
from your own vet should always be sought in emergency situations.

Owners can register for the Free Webinars by clicking the link

This is the first series of Free webinars for Pet Owners from
The Veterinary Expert- there will be lots more quality educational
videos and further articles available soon.
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