Dogs and coats while running

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Dogs and coats while running

Postby panda12 » 19 Aug 2013, 10:34

Hi, After a talking to a team at the weekend with a dog that gets cold quickly I wanted to clarify this.
Are dogs allowed to wear a coat/jacket while running as long as its not flapping around all over the place?

I know we have rule 5.17 (a) that says - Control of Dogs - Dogs may wear a collar and/or close fitting harness. No hanging parts will be allowed that are liable to flap around when the dogs are racing.
And in another rule 5.19 (b) that says - Dogs recovering from surgery or requiring bandages to protect an injury may not take part in a competition. Bandages do not include coats, sweaters or stop pad protectors. Protective covering may be used as a preventative but may not be used to protect an existing injury.

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