Minimum age for ring party - advice please?

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Minimum age for ring party - advice please?

Postby JRTprints » 21 May 2012, 11:43

Am hoping someone on here can clarify the minimum age/supervision requirements for ring party for me, please? I see from the rules that minimum age is 14 & that anyone under 16 needs supervision from within the ring, but have heard that an adult needs to supervise a box judge so am now confused (it's not hard to confuse me, I know!). Is an 'adult' in flyball rules over 16, or over 18 as in the legal definition of an adult? :?

Here are a few scenarios which I would like to know whether or not are allowed within flyball rules:

Lights judge - 17 years, Scribe - 14 years
Lights judge - 17 years, Scribe - 13 years (with 3rd person over 18 as supervising adult)
Box judge - 17 years with no supervising adult
Box judge - 14 years, with 17 year old as supervising adult

Sorry if it looks like I'm splitting hairs or misunderstanding the rules, but as only a provisional judge myself, I'd like to give our juniors a chance to gain the experience of doing ring party whilst also staying within the rules of our fab sport. Thanks in advance for your help.
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Re: Minimum age for ring party - advice please?

Postby JRTprints » 29 May 2012, 05:40

Anybody out there willing to give an answer to my question? Pretty please? :)
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Re: Minimum age for ring party - advice please?

Postby MargaretCollingwood » 04 Jun 2012, 23:08

My personal reading of those rules makes anyone over 16 an adult, and as most young people in flyball have been bought up into it, that seems reasonable to me. I think a better ruling would be that any 16 year old with at least a years experience in the ring party, but that's just an opinion.
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Re: Minimum age for ring party - advice please?

Postby bessamour » 05 Jun 2012, 09:53

Just my personal opinion but I know some youngsters under the "official" age of 14 who are brilliant and very efficient at ring party (lights, scribe and box), and some very adult people who have been in flyball for many years who say they either don't know how to do it, can only do i.e. box judge but not lights, scribe, and some of them aren't efficient.
Why not get a "supervisor" for anyone doing ring party, and whatever age the person is, if they pass as capable, they can be given a card ( height card) stating they are capable of doing ring party?
It's a shame to deny the youngsters under 14 the right to do ring party if they are capable, and all the youngsters I know, are enthusiastic about wanting to learn all aspects of our sport.
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Re: Minimum age for ring party - advice please?

Postby threebears » 05 Jun 2012, 11:47

Valerie I completely agree with you as I too know some fab youngsters under 16 who are far more capable than a lot of adults who do ring party!

I'm not sure you could have a supervisor but I definitely feel we need to have more ring party training days in general and make them more accessible to people by having regional training days to try and get a bit more of a spread of training.

I would be interested to know the answer to the ring party age question though, I've heard someone from a midlands team mention at one tournament that they've been told kids have to be 13 to do ring party but I've never heard this at any northern tournaments before.

We have two fab girls in our team who do help with ring party but we always try to put someone experienced with them on the line as the other person, not necessarily because they're incapable but we can all get very passionate about racing and sometimes doing the lights in particular can be quite stressful in certain divisions and contentious calls have to be made on spitting etc. so always best to have an experienced person to back up someone junior or inexperienced if at all possible.

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Re: Minimum age for ring party - advice please?

Postby Heather » 05 Jun 2012, 12:15

I fully concur with Jenny about training days. there seems to be an annual training day for judges but how do you gain confidence and knowledge, at different stages of experience except "sitting by Nellie" and hoping Nellie does actually know? Being a visual learner just reading the BFA rules, it does not always sink in. :?
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Re: Minimum age for ring party - advice please?

Postby JoJones » 05 Jun 2012, 12:21

I'm not sure a card system would work. I imagine many people wouldn't bother to get their cards, and the number of people available for ring partying would fall. Also, who would assess them, and who would adminiatrate it?!

A lot of it has to come down to the team captains. I always make sure I oversee less experienced members of our team until they and I are confident that they can do it on their own.
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Re: Minimum age for ring party - advice please?

Postby Northdene » 06 Jun 2012, 00:13

If there's a safety insurance issue then I can understand there being an age limit but otherwise teams should be putting competent ring party forward no matter their age - personal opinion

I'd have thought handling has more chances of a negative experience than being part of the ring party.

We've had under 16's doing scribing and box judging but with an adult so I suppose in theory their training but the only reason there is two so there's less pressure on the young person. I believe young people will be as good or better than adults sometimes but what about if something goes wrong and they get 'moaned' at or queried. Especially with lights. I suppose that's something to think about.
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Re: Minimum age for ring party - advice please?

Postby dancingbillie » 06 Oct 2012, 15:14

Ha! it doesn't matter what age they are, 8 or 80, they'll still get moaned at if something goes wrong.
Anyone can make mistakes, even head judges. Tolerance should be the order of the day, and help people correct their mistakes, which will have a more positive result than moaning. :D :D :D
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