NOT EFC.....Invitation to Autrian Tournament

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NOT EFC.....Invitation to Autrian Tournament

Postby rachel_c » 18 Apr 2012, 18:30

SEE EMAIL RECEIVED BELOW, if you would like the email sending on, please email me on

Hallo dear Friends of Flyball !

We, the Austrian sports club ÖGV - Wiener Neustadt participated with our team Austrian Flyball Chilis in Borken/Germany.

And now we have decided this year to make a 2-day Flyballtournament from June 9th 2012 to June 10 th 2012 in Austria / Vienna, to which we would like to invite you all very much.

We would be pleased if you would participate at this 1st Central European Flyball Derby.

The registration information can be found enclosed. Please also inform all your friends and Flyballteams, -clubs and -associations.

Camping facilities and meals are available at the venue directly.

Unlike many other Flyballevents at this Flyballtournament many viewers are available, because the tournament takes place in a public forum, called the “2nd Vienna Dog Days”, where the press and radio / TV will be present and report.

We believe it is a good chance to make the Flyballsports public.

More detailed information will be sent to you upon receipt of your tentative registration. Of course we are all times available for any information you need.

also have you any time for inquiries. For contact informations please look at the attachments.

We look forward to seeing you !

Best regards,

Yasmin Hrdina
Chairwoman ÖGV - Wiener Neustadt
Flyball Association Coach Lower Austria
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