Dog No:
Border Collie/WSD
Award Tournament Date
Flyball Dog Acremead Kennels, Abingdon 16.04.2011
Flyball Dog Intermediate Anstey Park, Alton 14.05.2011
Flyball Dog Graduate Acremead Kennels, Abingdon 29.08.2011
Flyball Dog Advanced Lord Roberts Centre, Woking 03.12.2011
Flyball Dog Silver Acremead Kennels, Drayton, Abingdon 22.09.2012
Flyball Dog Gold Hatton 08.09.2013
Flyball Dog Ice Blue Moon City & Port of Bristol Authority Social Club 13.09.2014
Flyball Dog Platinum Cowgate Farm, Hawkinge 29.08.2015
Flyball Dog Pearl BFA Championships, Catton Hall, Walton upon Trent 19.08.2016
Flyball Dog Jade Court Farm, Hullavington 08.07.2017
Flyball Dog Chica Court Farm, Hullavington 02.06.2018
Date Tournament Class Team Points
11.06.2016 Anstey Park. Alton Limited Open Flea Jumperz 460
28.05.2016 Padworth Village Hall, Reading Limited Open Flea Jumperz 375
14.05.2016 Paws in the Park, Ardingly Showground Limited Open Flea Jumperz 290
07.05.2016 Hedsor Golf Club Limited Open Flea Jumperz 445
30.04.2016 Cowgate Farm, Hawkinge Limited Open Flea Jumperz 370
16.04.2016 Acremead Kennels, Abingdon Limited Open Flea Jumperz 350
02.04.2016 Guildford Spectrum, Parkway Limited Open Flea Bagz 350
25.03.2016 Brookfield, Fair Oak, Eastleigh Limited Open Flea Jumperz 360
14.02.2016 Maidstone Limited Open Flea Bagz 235
17.01.2016 Maidstone Limited Open Flea Bagz 230