Secretary's Announcements

Young members Award Scheme

Shout out to all Junior Members, parents and Team Captains. The Committee have set up a working group to modernise and refresh not only the points award system but to also look into what the BFA can offer its Junior Members as an Association. 

We would be grateful if you could spend a little time talking to your Children or feel free to respond yourself as a BFA young member to the following research questions:

Are you happy with the current Certificates and glass awards?
Would you prefer stitch on badges awarded for achievements instead?
And if so would you prefer BFA branded clothing or a blanket to stitch them to?
How would you like points awarded?
Would you want to include points for activities outside of racing such as dog grooming, health, training and day to day care?
Any other activities you could think of that could be attributed to the points scheme?

What additional activities/events could the BFA offer that would interest you?
Would an annual kids Camp be of interest? 
What would you want the Camp to offer?
Would showcasing and allowing participation in other dog events at camp interest you?
(Eg: scent work, agility, obedience, gun dog.)
What time of year would be best for you to hold Camp?
Are quarterly quizzes, brainstorms, newsletters of interest?
What forum would you like to have access to interact with your fellow young BFA members? 
Would you like a Young BFA members only page?

Or indeed feel free to contribute with any additional ideas and thoughts that you may have.

Feedback to be emailed to Paul Horton by the 31st May 2019 at: