Chairperson's Announcements

Yo, Yo, Yo Dogs; it's Juddy's BLOG

With special thanks to Wicked, Funky Fidos, Carry Ons and all the competing teams, that's another weekend of amazingly well organised shows under our belt and another step on our return to flyball journey together; it really is starting to feel like we're finally getting somewhere. Under unusual circumstances and social distancing challenges, the strength and unity of our flyball community has shone through over the past couple of weekends and it's been a pleasure to be a part of it. Hopefully as restrictions ease further, more and more of you will find the opportunity to get back into the buzz of a competition and get your first 'flyball hangover' all over again. To help open up those opportunities for clubs and club members who have not yet been able to fully return to training or competitive flyball, the Committee have put their thinking caps on and have been exploring flexible ways of allowing you a chance to join the rest of us on this exhilarating return to flyball journey. The Festivals being held at 3 counties and Driffield, will be very different to anything previoulsy experienced, and the racing options that will now be available provide a once in a generation opportunity for anyone to take part in the UK's biggest celebration of flyball. If you are not already planning to come, please watch out for information from the Committee this week on all the new ways you will be able to enjoy a weekend, or two, with your dogs, either competing in singles or pairs, forming part of a hybrid team with your friends from another club or taking the opportunity to take some steps forward with your novice dogs in the very flexible foundation flyball options that will be available. I'd be surprised if there isn't anything to suit your circumstance, but if there isn't, just come along and camp, enjoy the flyball from a spectator's point of view and enjoy the social interaction which has been absent from all our lives for too long. Signs are very encouraging that the government will lift all restrictions as planned on 19 July, but we have learnt a lot of great lessons over the past few weeks and both Festival events will continue to be run in a socially responsible way with the best practice we have picked up being incororated into 'business as usual' for flyball going forward as we learn to live with enduring public health concerns. The Committee are very excited about the propsect of what will be delivered in August, and we hope you are looking forward to it too; it would be great to see as many of you there as possible, supporting your BFA, supporting your community and getting as much enjoyment and satisfaction of a life back into the lanes as we throughly intend to. In the meantime, please take care of yourselves and each other, and I really hope to see you all at one or both of these events in August as we celebrate the return of flyball, together.