Chairperson's Announcements

Yo, Yo, Yo Dogs; it's Juddy's BLOG

The return to 'normal' flyball has been delayed by a few weeks, 2 at least, and probably until 19 July. On the positive side though Tournament Organisers and the Committee have been looking at how flyball activities can be adapted whilst still complying with social distancing so if we all appply some common sense and look after each other we can still take another step forward in getting back to the sport we love. The TOs know they aren't going to fill those first shows but they have put in huge amounts of effort, and taken financial risk, to ensure everyone else has a sport to come back to, so please support them in anyway you can.

On a really, really positive note, the final lockdown lifting is almost certainly guaranteed to happen before the 2 best flyball events in Europe this year; and most if not all of the adult population will have been double-jabbed. The BFA Indoor and Outdor Festivals of Flyball will take place early August in 2 great locations, that are both easy to get to. There has been debate for as long as I've been in the BFA about whether the premier national event should be a Championship or a Festival; well, now is your chance to see what the Festival option is like. These events are both all inclusive, no seed time required, no qualifying comps, you don't even need your club to come and race, there are singles and pairs options and Foundation Flyball as well, or you could simply come and camp for a cheap weekend away and join in the fun. The racing will still be competitive as we've seen on FB some amazing propsects coming out into open and it will be interestig to see what changes there will be to the BFA seed listings. This post-covid celebration of flyball is a unique event, a one-off, that you won't want to miss, divisional winners will be the only ever Festival Champions and our amazing new sponsor, Akela, has donated some really generous prizes.

This really is a once in lifetime chance to join the biggest celebration of flyball as we safely return out of lockdown, don't regret not being a part of this unique experience (schedule is out 22 June) - we really want to see as many of you there as possible so our wonderful community can reconnect and enjoy the re-emergence of our great sport together.

Looking forwadr to seeing you soon.