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Yo, Yo, Yo Dogs; it's Juddy's BLOG

Yo, Yo, Yo Dogs; it's Juddy's BLOG. Word, from the BFA Today.

This is the first of what we intend to be regular informal communications on BFA matters of the moment. There is always lots going on behind the scenes and thought there may be value in just letting everyone know what is focussing the committee's time and what the key messages are. Communication is important and in-between AGMs it's often difficult to get a feel for what is going on inside the machine, we obviously put out key announcements regularly and this blog will sit at a level below that, there may be nothing much, and important matters will still be formally announced. If it tries to be an exhaustive ist of everything we are doing it will fail and no-one will read it lol! so it's key snippets on what we think are important matters for the BFA today, and we hope you find some value in it.