Secretary's Announcements

Worlds 2020

FCI World Championships 2020

The FCI World Championships is a bi-annual event hosted by the FCI, bringing together as many nations as practicable. There is no qualifying or entry criteria though as FCI allocate available places to each country to their national FCI organisations; in the case of the UK this is the Kennel Club.
The BFA have been offered 2 of the 4 places available for UK based teams to compete at the 2020 World Champs in Belgium. As this is a championship event and any team racing will be representing the UK, we felt the fairest way to select representative teams was to use the current official BFA seed list, offering up the chance to represent the UK and the BFA at the FCI World Championship event to the top 2 seeds first.
Both teams have accepted and therefore the BFA will be represented at the 2020 FCI World Champs by Aces and High Flyers.
These 2 teams are familiar with the indoor format and both have consistently been 2 of the fastest teams in the UK this year and have consistently been at the top of the BFA seed list.
We are sure they will do the BFA and the UK proud and we wish them both the very best of luck.