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Social Media

Social media policy

Before forming the new BFA members group a social media policy was put into place. This was put in place to protect the Association, BFA members, Committee and Officers from destructive comments and behaviour levelled at the Association and its members.

To join BFA Members 2018 we have requested that people agree to abide by the terms and conditions within this policy and this includes comments made both within the group and about the BFA on any social media.

Any member clearly breaching this policy will have their access rights to the BFA administered groups removed for a set period of time and if incidents persist then action may be taken against such members in line with the disciplinary section of the rules. Any members removed will in due course recieve email notification, this will vary in timescale depending on the workload at the time of the incident.  

For anyone wishing to remind themselves of the social media policy a copy can be found on the BFA website at the following link -