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This is a link to some fairly recently published research of heat stroke which I think will be useful to pass onto TOs, HJs etc.

Normal canine body temperature (measured with a rectal thermometer - the most accurate way) at rest is 37.2oC - 39.2oC. When exercising the body temperature will rise above the top end of this range. Problems start to happen when the body temperature remains over 41oC. 
The couple of heat stoke cases I’ve seen in practise have taken several hours to get there temperature back down & staying with the normal range because as much as you try to cool them externally & internally (with cool intravenous fluids) they are panting like made which creates body heat, distressed which makes them move around which generates heat & the environment temperature are all fighting against you cooling the dog. 
Heat stroke signs:
Mild/initial signs:
Rapid breathing
Lack of energy
Decreased urine production
Rapid heart rate
Staggering gait
Severe/signs progress to:
Bulging eyes
worried facial expression
very long dark red coloured tongue
Male dogs, dark coat colour, thick coated dogs, brachycephalic (short faced), pre-existing respiratory problems, unfit or obese animal are at higher risk then an average dog. 
First aid advise is: move to shaded/cool area; luke warm/cool but not cold water over the dog (hosepipe, bucket, damp towel etc) especially neck, abdomen & inner thighs as there are big blood vessels close to the skins surface & less hair in these areas (cold/frozen water would cause the skins blood vessels to construct which reduces heat loss and could lead to shivering which will increase body temperature as the muscle contractions produce heat); reapply water once it’s evaporated from the skin; allow to drink luke warm/cool water; use a fan/air con to get air movement to help evaporation. Take to the vets once first aid is administered as 39-50% of heat stroke cases are fatal due to internal organ damage. 
Hope some of this is helpful