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Pre-EG Statement

With 24 hours to go before the EGM, the 5 Committee members that have chosen to respond to the allegations made about rule breaches and committee processes have still not had disclosure of what these alleged rule breaches might be. We are aware of concerns reagrling the handing of an investigation into Ardingly but we still remain unaware of what the specific allegations are. In the absence of any detailed information about what may be disussed at the EGM other than Ardingly, we sent the e-mail detailed below to the 4 members that put their names to the EGM submission. This was sent on the 29 Nov:

Jeannette, Ellen, Alicia and Will,

We write to you as the 4 members that put their name to the original e-mail representing the body of the membership that has called for an EGM.

The EGM is scheduled for 4 December leaving only 4 clear days, and only 1 non-working day before the event. The only contact we have received from the Independent Chair you appointed confirms that he has not been provided with an agenda and he is unaware of the purpose of the EGM or what matters are to be discussed. We were informed that the Independent Chair would be fully briefed and hold a meeting with us to discuss the agenda items well in advance of the EGM. We are now very concerned that there remains at this late stage a total lack of transparency from those calling the EGM. We still do know not what the purpose of the EGM is (what it is you wish to achieve) and we have received no direct communication about any of the details you intend to discuss. The only specific matter raised in your calling notice was the Ardingly investigation but there was also an unbounded reference to rule breaches in the ‘handling of complaints’ and other ‘committee processes’. You already know that we do not consider the Ardingly investigation to have breached any rules so we would appreciate an understanding of what element of the rules it is you think were broken; all you have provided so far is a full copy & paste of the BFA disciplinary procedures. We would also like to know what rules you think have been broken in the complaints and other committee processes referred to and why you consider these processes have failed to such a degree that you propose the committee is now unable to function without an EGM.

To ensure a fair and transparent meeting which would allow the membership to make a judgement on these matters in full knowledge of the actual facts, we would like to clearly understand what the purpose of the EGM is, what matters you intend to raise, how they link with committee process and why they mean the committee is unable to function. This is the minimum information we require so we can do a reasonable level of preparation prior to the meeting. We presume you have a very clear understanding of why you have called the EGM and what rules have been breached so this should be an easy response. We therefore do not think it unreasonable to request full disclosure before the 1 December. This would at least provide us with a minimal opportunity to understand what it is we will be expected to discuss at the EGM on the 4th, and provide an opportunity for a balanced and objective discussion based on evidence for the membership to consider.

We appeal to you to please consider the members in your response: failure to disclose anything that is subsequently raised at the EGM will simply add unnecessary delay and friction to the proceedings which will impact adversely on the membership who have committed time, money and effort into attending.

Kind Regards

Juddy, Katie, Rachel, Paul and Stuart


Unfortunately we have still not received an answer to any of the questions posed. We are therefore unable to fully prepare for the EGM on Sunday for which we apologise in advance. We are not content that the arrangements for this EGM comply with the BFA constitution in fact or in principle, including the complete lack of transparency from those calling the EGM; we do not wish this matter to drag on any longer and so we will attend on Sunday and see what happens. As Ardingly was the only matter specifically referred to in the calling notice, which included information which we believe to be misleading, we have prepared a short statement regarding the Ardingly investigation for the membership to consider prior to the EGM, which is on the attached PDF.

We understand the circumstances of the EGM, especially at this time of year coupled with the cost of living crisis, will exclude many members from engaging in an important event for the future of the association, but we hope as many will attend as possible; for those that do, we look forward to seeing you and ask only that you attend with an open mind and make your judgements based on the evidence presented.

Thank you

Juddy, Katie, Rachel, Paul and Stuart

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